GrowthBot is the chatbot for growth professionals.

Growthbot is a digital assistant that helps you keep you keep your head in the game by bringing all your answers straight to you. Use GrowthBot to do SEO research, outrank your competitors and rise to the top of search results. 

Ranking Opportunity

Plan your keyword strategy so you can build search authority for the keywords that matter.

dharmesh 9:55 PM What keywords does rank for?

GrowthBot 9:56 PM Here are keywords that ranks for:
1. hubspot (#1)
2. repost instagram (#3)
3. testimonial (#1)
4. how to repost on instagram (#1)
5. psychographics (#1)
6. slogans (#1)
7. hubspot login (#1)
8. google alerts (#11)
9. follow up email (#1)
10. best websites (#1)

Competitor Intelligence

Find out information about your competitors and understand who you are going up against.

dharmesh 9:55 PM What ppc keywords is buying?

GrowthBot 9:56 PM Here are keywords that is purchasing via search ads (PPC) and their approximate cost per click:
1. lyft ($6.28)
2. uber miami ($4.39)
3. uber com ($2.54)
4. what is uber ($0.99)
5. taxi driver ($4.86)
6. uber partners ($0.68)
7. uber driver ($2.30)
8. uber austin ($2.45)
9. uber rates ($0.71)

Who is GrowthBot for?

Marketing Managers

Consolidate all your tools in one easy to manage messaging platform.

GrowthBot helps you get all your reporting done within Slack or Facebook Messenger.

Sales Professionals

Mute the noise & focus on the highest value conversations.

GrowthBot gives you timely updates on new leads via Slack or Facebook Messenger.


Focus on the essential sales & marketing metrics.

GrowthBot allows you to get your most crucial questions answered through Slack or Facebook Messenger.

Do it all within Slack or Facebook Messenger

Trying it is easy-breezy and free. It takes less than a minute.

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